Product vision

SparkLink is a decentralized NFT content publishing, distribution and revenue protocol based on web3.0 concepts, which is a new and revolutionary product.

We transformed the application from a closed-code, enterprise-owned platform to an open source decentralized platform. The user owns the data. Everyone is not only a user, but also the owner of the platform. Your digital assets will not be handed over to SparkLink for escrow, but stored on the blockchain address of your own digital wallet. This is just a unique and interesting place to create, sell, and share content. You can share any content you want to be shared in the form of NFT.

In the traditional content world, if you are an artist or a content creator, your work gets resold, and gets resold multiple times... You will get paid once, and that could be the end of the story for you and your work. Now, artists and creators alike can continue to earn a portion, or a large percentage, of the revenue from these first or second or more level branch sales, and its all automatically. Due to it all happens on the blockchain, everyone does not to trust any agent or broker to help them do publish or sale, decentralization never need any middlemen. As a unique digital asset on the blockchain, NFT naturally has unique and copyright properties.

Not only will the person who creates the NFT work get benefits, every node user who participates in the dissemination will also automatically receive a part of the benefits of the lower-level nodes. This is a hierarchical relationship. Every user will be allowed to participate in content creation and sharing activities. If your work is traded or disseminated enough times, the child nodes of your NFT work will also be fissioned more times, the root node and child node users will create huge sharing energy and dissemination benefits. Just like a single spark will ignite the entire grassland!

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