SparkLink allows users to create their own NFT works and set their own sales and distribution fees (Including a fixed royalty on each sale). Fees and profits can be paid in any cryptocurrency, and any sales and distribution after the NFT is generated will generate revenue for the owner and creator users.

When creators publish works, SparkLink will generate a root node NFT for creators, and users can purchase the first-level child nodes of the creator root node NFT according to the price set by root creators. In this process, the ownership of the creator’s root node NFT is not transferred, but a new node NFT is generated.

Users to buy the first branch node NFT also have the nature of the close to the root node NFT, other users can continue mint next branch node from the first branch node. In this process, the root node NFT owners will draw the first branch node NFT part of the profits, also the first branch node takes a similar percentage of the profits made by the secondary branch node, and so on. Besides, each subordinate nodes support secondary creation, and works that have been re-created can continue to be distributed and sold in the tree structure.

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