About NFT

The full name of NFT is non-fungibleToken, which means non-homogeneous token. It is a token that is unique and indivisible. Each token is unique, indivisible and interchangeable. On the other hand, the homogeneous token is BTC or ETH.

NFT is also a Token, but unlike homogeneous digital currencies, each NFT has its own unique properties that distinguish it from other NFTS. That is, one Bitcoin can be exchanged for another bitcoin, which is the same Token. However, you may not be able to trade one of your NFT for another person's NFT, because these are two completely different things. In effect, each NFT is branded with a unique brand, which determines the value of each NFT is different. Everyone is allowed to view their own or someone else's NFT in the blockchain browser, simply by entering the address of a digital wallet where the NFT assets are stored.

About SparkLink

SparkLink is a unique decentralized protocol for NFT content creation and sharing. Based on web3.0 concepts, everyone can create their own NFT works through SparkLink and set their own sales and distribution fees. Any sale or dissemination of NFT after it is generated will generate revenue for the owner or node user. SparkLink provides users with a new decentralized way to distribute NFT and spread content,we have developed a new extension protocol ERC-721S, based on the current NFT protocol ERC-721. We have added the scarcity and irreplaceable value of NFT to the sharing incentive property of a larger content layer, allowing the content of all formats to split indefinitely and reap benefits through NFT.

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